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Using this full system will maximise results and all 4 products are designed to compliment each other and should indeed be used as a full system – replacing individual items as and when they need replenishing.


You can entirely replace your current skincare regime with this pack and start to see and feel the incredible results this groundbreaking range.

The key is to enrich powerful high-end skincare combinations with our specialised highly bio-available CBD. Creating a luxury regime that takes your skin to new levels of care. Packed with an abundance of powerful active ingredients. Each one could stand alone in the world of high-end skincare. When combined with TS-Life CBD Infusion we have the Future in our hands.


The pack includes :


Ultim+ Luxury face cream

Vital Eyes – Concentrated eye serum

Illumen – Luxury exfoliating peeling gel

Crystal – Cleansing and purifying gel

Please see this link to my online brochure with give more detail on the range: mobile/index.html

I am so confident you will fall in love with this range.




Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and much more Infused with CBD together to create a formula that truly enhances the natural radiance of your skin. This soothing, smooth-textured moisturizing cream helps to hydrate, restore & protect your skin. Use every morning & evening as part of your skincare regime for healthy, glowing skin.




Powerful yet gentle in removing oil, dirt and makeup to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It is also enriched with high-purity CBD to support and help the skin to appear firmer, younger and revived. Use as part of a daily skincare routine for best results.




This extremely gentle facial scrub is one of the most important steps of your skincare routine. Enriched with CBD, and Fruit Enzymes to remove dead skin cells and revitalize your skin, the ultra-fine exfoliating particles and naturally occurring AHA’s encourage cell renewal to enhance skin tone and texture.




A gentle eye contour serum uniquely designed to efficiently help remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the most delicate area of the face. Marine Collagen, Seaweed and Plankton Extracts combine with hyaluronic Acid which moisturizes the skin and high-purity CBD which supports and helps make the skin appear firmer and younger with a reduced appearance of wrinkles.

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